Thermal Management System for EV Batteries

The Carrar Thermal Management System (TMS) for electric vehicle batteries provides superior cooling capabilities and maintains a stable battery temperature in any weather and during ultrafast charging.

Our TMS, based on our innovative two-phase immersion technology, triples the lifetime of EV batteries by preventing the micro heat spikes and the resulting damage caused by charging, acceleration, and even parking in the sun.

Carrar also enhances the safety of electric vehicles by reducing thermal runaway events in batteries and the resulting battery fires.

By extending battery lifetime and afterlife, Carrar reduces the environmental impact of EV batteries and contributes to every stage of the battery circular battery economy (read more here).

Addressing the Main Challenges of EV Batteries

Battery Lifetime
2X Longer
Ultrafast charging
In less than 5 minutes
Preventing and delaying thermal propagation
Total Cost of Ownership
Reducing TCO

Battery Modules for Electric Vehicles

Carrar develops and produces battery modules for electric vehicles with an internal thermal management system (TMS) based on two-phase immersion cooling.

Our modules provide top-of-the-line battery performance, actively maintaining an optimal temperature range in cold or hot weather and during ultrafast charging and discharging, increasing battery longevity and performance.

Our modules are lighter and provide a superior power-to-weight ratio to current modules. The modules are also safer to use, as the thermal management system maintains uniform temperature throughout the battery cell, significantly reducing incidents of thermal runaway and fire.

We produce cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch-type modules that fit all types of electric vehicles, from three-wheelers to heavy-duty trucks.

Powertrain and computer cooling units

Vapor out Liquid in

Carrar provides a two-phase direct-contact enhanced evaporation technology (DCEC) for highly efficient cooling of the powertrain and in-vehicle computing units.

A direct on-chip cooling solution maximizes the power and performance of high-density, small form-factor processors.

A custom-designed evaporation unit cools both high and low heat-flux components with different heat dissipation requirements, including the power-electronic system (converters, inverters, control circuits, and onboard chargers, such as MOSFET and IGBT).


Trucks and Buses

Enabling maximal MCS charging to allow high-usage and low downtime of commercial vehicles. Increasing safety and reducing cost of ownership.

Premium Cars and Pickup Trucks

Improving acceleration and extending driving range; and maximizing power and performance.

Family Cars

Enhancing the safety of electrical vehicles by lowering the incidence of thermal propagation. Enabling five-minute public charging

Fleets and Battery-as-a Service (BaaS)

Reducing battery inventory with ultrafast charging, extending work shifts, prolonging battery lifetime and lowering operational costs.

Tiny Cars

Maximize delivery performance, power, and payload at any ambient condition. Increase reliability. Lower costs. Extend battery lifetime.

Off Highway Vehicles (OHV)

Offer a modular solution, maximum power, and excellent heat dissipation at any power and any condition. Improving efficiencies and payload support for tractors and green mining.


Carrar developed a patented two-phase thermal management solution suitable for all EV components, including batteries, the powertrain, and In-Vehicle computers.

Carrar leverages the physical phenomenon of latent heat when a liquid turns into a gas, combined with a unique technology that reduces the boiling incipience superheat. As a result, our solution achieves high heat dissipation and fast cooling, using very little energy and within a low-pressure system.

Our solution dynamically adjusts heat dissipation to external heat conditions, assuring a constant battery temperature regardless of battery charging, car acceleration, or climate conditions.

The Carrar heat dissipation mechanism extends battery life and lowers the risk of thermal runaway and propagation – the major safety concern of electric vehicles.
Carrar works with materials that support environmental and sustainability regulations and with every form of battery and electric vehicle. Carrar holds several patents for this technology.

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