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Next-phase TMS

Carrar is accelerating global EV adoption by increasing battery life, range, safety, and efficiency while enabling ultrafast charging.

High-performance Thermal Management for eMobility 

About us

Carrar’s team consists of professionals with decades of experience in thermal management, start-ups, and the automotive industry. They are complemented with creative engineers who design innovative solutions to e-Mobility challenges.

Erez Freibach

Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

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Nahshon Eadelson

Co-founder & CTO

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Eitam Friedman

VP - R&D Manager

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The drive to significantly speed EV adoption has only one real brake – the battery. Maximizing the battery’s lifetime and efficiency requires a comprehensive approach to thermal management, ensuring consistent thermal performance throughout the vehicle and battery’s lifespan.

Carrar takes a practical approach to innovation, creating end-to-end thermal management fine-tuned to ensure high-performance electric vehicles perform at the same levels as their ICE counterparts – keeping “hot” sportscars cool, and “cool” ones hot – and increasing the bottom line for OEMs

Growing EV Adoption & Profits with Better Thermal Management


Minimizes risk of thermal propagation and thermal runaway, extends the driver and passenger safety window from five minutes to nearly an hour.


Enables ultrafast charging, at any temperature, delivers quicker acceleration, and extends the range, bringing the EV experience closer to ICE vehicles.

Lower cost

Ensures more affordable vehicles by extending battery lifetime and eliminating frequent replacement costs and related logistics, reducing TCO for OEMs, dealers, and consumers.

The patent-pending active two-phase system delivers comprehensive thermal management for the entire vehicle - battery packs, battery management system (BMS), power electronics & compute, sensors, e-Drive/powertrain and motors, etc., supporting different power units from low-heat flux batteries to high-heat flux equipment. Its optimization software ensures continuous, optimal functioning of the end-to-end thermal management cooling infrastructure, preventing battery overheating and thermal propagation and runaway. 


It leverages phase changing material – liquid to vapor - for its thermal energy storage, allowing it to provide end-to-end thermal management for the entire vehicle. The simple, low-pressure system (<1 bar) requires no chiller or compressor, making it significantly lighter than most solutions.


Carrar’s approach to two-phase immersion cooling makes it reliable, affordable, and simple to implement. With Carrar’s technology, every battery cell is kept at a stable temperature during any mode of operation, in any environment and ambient temperature. 

Disruptive Thermal Management Technology

Carrar’s holistic temperature management solution enables achievement of the EV promise – ultrafast charging, significant range and the highest levels of safety and efficiency – all while reducing environmental impact.

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