Taking cooling

to the next phase

Carrar is shattering the heat barrier for EV batteries, on-board electronics, charging infrastructure, and other applications.

About us

We combine industry experience with “young blood” to keep the top industry players “cool” as things heat up in the fast-paced world of electric mobility.

Erez Freibach

Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

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Nahshon Eadelson

Co-founder & CTO

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Eitam Friedman

R&D Manager

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As manufacturers become more involved in electric mobility revolution, they find that critical systems like batteries, electronics, powertrains, and charging infrastructure are challenged by heat dissipation.

Carrar’s innovative thermal management system delivers higher efficiency, greater safety, and more simplicity to a wide variety of applications and designs.

Overcoming thermal management challenges


Meets uncompromising safety standards for thermal propagation prevention, contributes to computer system resiliency, and environmentally friendly.


Best performance at any ambient temperature with a direct contact, two-phase cooling solution for longer acceleration, faster charging, and higher-power computing.


Carrar's proprietary technology preserves battery life through a simple design that enables highly-efficient cooling within a small, flexible, reinforced polymer enclosure form factor.

With the Carrar system, optimal boiling occurs at extremely low and high heat fluxes, enabling extremely fast charging/discharging, ensuring uniform temperature down to the cell level, preserving battery life, and preventing thermal propagation.

Best performance at any ambient temperature with a direct contact, two-phase cooling solution for onboard computers, sensors, and power electronics.

Intense battery charge/discharge cycles, thermal propagation prevention, and constant battery cell temperature at any ambient temperature with a two-phase immersion cooling solution.

Disruptive cooling technology

Carrar developed a disruptive, next-generation, holistic cooling solution that effectively addresses the significant challenges in automotive and other industries.